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Bond Hearings and Immigration Court


The crux of my practice focuses on representing both detained and non-detained aliens in removal proceedings.  This process can be intimidating for most aliens and even for experienced immigration attorneys.   For detained aliens, many of whom have faced detention and arrest with local law enforcement, the first step after being transferred from a city jail to an immigration detention facility is bond determination.  

Immigration and Customs Enforcement usually has first crack at determining whether an alien qualifies for bond.  Some "lucky" aliens are released on their own recognizance.  For those unlucky few, who are subject to "mandatory detention" for committing any number of qualifying crimes, the buck stops with ICE.  

If a bond hearing is requested by the alien or by the alien's attorney, the Immigration Court will schedule a hearing with the court having jurisdiction over the alien's case.  In San Diego this usually occurs within a few days of the request.   At the bond hearing, the alien will be required to prove to things: (1) that they are not a danger to the community and (2) that they are not a flight risk.  The combination of supporting documents, testimony and persuasive arguing necessary to win a reasonable bond amount requires intelligence and honesty in front of the immigration judge.  Having attorney representation can help improve the chances of a lower bond amount.  

Here are the locations and addresses of the Immigration Courts where many aliens in Southern California can find their case after being detained:

Eloy Immigration Court                     1705 E. Hanna Road, Suite 366
                                                           Eloy, AZ 85131

Adelanto Detention Facility             10250 Rancho Road, Ste. 201A
                                                          Adelanto, CA 92301

Los Angeles Detained                     300 North Los Angeles Street, Room 4330
                                                         Los Angeles, CA 90012

Otay Mesa Detention Facility         7488 Calzada de la Fuente
                                                        San Diego, CA 92154

If you, or anyone you know, is currently being held at an Immigration Detention Facility and you have questions as to how to best assist them with their case.  Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at (858) 456 - 3588 or